Jenny Berger Myhre

"Born 1991 in Sandefjord, South-East Norway - youngest of 3 siblings, brother and sister. Spent my childhood climbing in trees, making up languages, digging in the soil, obsessing over vampires, playing Pokémon on a gameboy colour, and reading Harry Potter. Started playing the clarinet from age 9, took my A-levels in music, and started recording my friends and family with a small pocket recorder at age 16. Started doing analog photography at the same time - collecting memories both in photos and sounds. Undergraduate in Musicology in the years between 2011 - 2014 in Oslo and London. Started working as a photographer in 2013, doing visual work for musicians and bands - photos, covers, music videos. Have been working with artists such as Jenny Hval, Jessica Sligter and Susanna Wallumrød. Studied Live Electronics at the Norwegian Music Academy (NMH). Currently living and working as a musician, photographer and videographer in Oslo." Jenny Berger Myhre

debut album, Lint released in March 2017 on limited edition cassette as a collaboration with The Lumen Lake.

email: jennybergermyhre[at]

past releases
Lint (Album)